Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Slime Time

When you think of slime, what comes to mind? Probably things along the lines of green, gross, and gooey. However, after experiencing the slime craft table on Sunday the 14th, I hope a new set of adjectives illuminate your mind. Words like fun and creative will best describe what happens at the slime craft table, I guarantee it.

Over the past couple of days, I have come up with a recipe for home made slime that is just like mom used to make. With a little research, and a lot of experimentation, I settled on a formula. Equal parts glue and water solution to borax and water solution. Finding this simple concoction took many failed attempts.

My journey started on the Internet. Who knew that there were pages and pages of information about slime? After gathering about three or four different slime recipes, I took my finding back to the lab (bubble room) and began to make the magic happen. Due to my mildly tree hugging nature, I was wary about using too much borax in my first attempts, my thought process being the less chemicals the better ( I obviously forgot that glue isn't natural either). This proved to be a horrific mistake! My first batches of slime were runny and difficult to pick up and play with. I could only imagine the children's faces when they realized their slime was the consistency of yogurt. They couldn't toss it or even hold it without it oozing through their fingers and into the abyss of the ground, never to be played with again. Something had to be done, I had to add more laundry booster! With the children's happiness as my driving force, I used double the Borax in my next solution. To my dismay this proved to be yet another misstep. The goo was no longer gooey at all it was hard and somewhat brittle. It didn't stretch, it ripped. It didn't ooze, it congealed. There was nothing cool about it. It was merely a ball of glue, and that's just not fun. Finally, with my next batch, I found success. It was the proper consistency so that you can play with it and throw it in the air, or just watch it ooze in your hands. You can marvel at how it works and think about it's dichotomy. It's just plain fun to play with.

Now that my epic joinery for the perfect slime is over, I would love for you to join Owen and me in an afternoon of food and fun on Flag Day this Sunday the 14th. Along with slime, we will be making flowers out of coffee filters and drawing cheerful pictures for the troops at our craft table. I'm looking forward to sliming downtown Greensboro and you should to.

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