Thursday, September 30, 2010

65 Days and Counting

Counting ...and counting. 65 days and counting until Festival of Lights on Friday, December 3rd.

65 Days to make sure that we have hired over 20 bands, 65 days to make sure that we have changed/checked over 20,000 light bulbs in our holiday decorations, 65 days to make sure that we have 100's if not 1000's of Marshmallows for the Marshmallow Roast, 65 days to be ready for the 10,000+ people that will come to downtown Greensboro for the annual Festival of Lights.
I certainly hope that you will be there to be counted!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can it be time to check the light bulbs already?

Every morning I see the middle school kids patiently waiting for their school bus and in the evening I hear the NC A&T Drum line rehearsing. It must be fall! Fast upon the heels of autumn comes Festival of Lights -- the downtown celebration kicking off the holiday season. (Really, it just seems like last week we were complaining about weeks on end of 95+ degree days!)

So, what is going on right now for Festival of Lights -- a lot of planning and oh, yeah light bulb changing. We are currently:

  • Checking and changing light bulbs on over 200 snowflakes, each 6' snowflake has over 100 bulbs on it. Each bulb needs to be checked to make sure its secure in the socket, does it need to be changed, any repairs to the sockets etc. (We call this light bulb therapy...if you get into the zen of the job it can be very therapeutic)
  • Planning the downtown holiday decorations -- the above mentioned snowflakes, along with dozens of bows, sprays, rope lights, light balls and of course the 38' tall tree that is in Center City Park -- don't forget the 5' star on top of the tree!!
  • Meeting with our volunteer Advisory Board to come up with this years -- game plan of theme, contests, bands, kids activities and what can we do that is new and different?
  • Checking with Santa to make sure he has Festival of Lights on his calendar.
  • Looking for local entertainers -- small bands, choral groups, street performers, etc to perform at Festival of Lights. If you are interested fill out this form.
Check out our photos from last year here

Stay tuned to our blog, facebook, twitter and website posts for updates. The countdown begins.. 80 Days until Festival of Lights 2010.