Thursday, June 25, 2009

Race Coordinator - I Make Sure

Now, I’m not a big time runner – I do about a 2 mile jog 5 times a week and call that healthy. I don’t run in the rain(might melt), I don’t run if it is below 19 degrees(might freeze) and don’t run if I have an early morning meeting(might not make the meeting). Yet, you’ll see me at the Freedom Run 10K and 2-Mile Red, White & Blue Fun Run and Walk. And I’ll be there EARLY, around 5:30am. You see, I’m the race coordinator. My job is to make sure the hundreds of folks who come to our race have a good time. That means having tons of food, water, and volunteers. And making sure the race route is ready and water stops are set up, and making sure we have awards, and making sure we have raffle prices, and making sure the volunteers know their jobs and making sure we have job descriptions for those wonderful volunteers. I am the race coordinator – I make sure.

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