Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's July 9th -- what now?

So, here it is July 9th -- the Fun Fourth Festival is over. The firework finale was oohed and ahhed over, the last funnel cake consumed and the bands have packed up their gear. Now what?

Well, believe it or not, we are still working on Fun Fourth! We are sorting, packing and organizing! Left over souvenirs and t-shirts get inventoried and stored away, thank you notes are being written. Suggestions and ideas for next year are being solicited. All the "stuff" is being put back in storage.

What kind of "stuff" do we use for Fun Fourth -- well here is a partial inventory: 6 Ticket Booths, 30 Sheets of Plywood, 50 tents, 200 tables, 300 chairs, 30 coolers, 35 extension cords, 18 stools, 22 fans, water by the case, 200 towels, 24 port-a-johns, 100 pieces of bike rack, 3 portable stages, 15 fire extinguishers, 8 plastic Uncle Sam's, 50 American Flags, bunting, banners, 40 signs....and the list goes on and on!!

So, yes....we are still working on Fun Fourth and we will be for awhile. We have also started planning for some upcoming events that we are working on with other organizations -- check back, I'm sure we'll be moving more stuff!!

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