Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scenes From an Cubicle

Owen: I don't think that's what the blog should be about. I don't really wanna tell stories, or talk about things that happened at the festival. You know? I just kinda wanna talk about something.

Carissa: No, I completely agree. That's why we should talk about how our feeling have changed.

Owen: And how have your feelings changed?

Carissa: [Shrug] I dunno.

Owen: [Beginning to type] Okay that's good. I'm gonna put that as the blog.

Carissa: Okay, what else?

Owen: Oh no. That's it.

Carissa: We can't leave it at that.

Owen: I totally think we can and should.

Carissa: Well...I think the experience is more than 'I dunno' I just can't think of more to say. [Pause] Are you still typing what we're saying? [Pause] Stop it. [Pause] Seriously.

Owen: [Typing] Oh yeah, this is good stuff. It's like real you know?

Carissa: So what did you think of the job.

Owen: Mhm. That's good improvisation, but next time make it a little less after school special-ish.

Carissa: I hope you die.

Owen: Smooches.

Carissa: And you've misquoted me so many times. [Pause] Like just now. I said "And you've misquoted me on numerous occasions.'

Owen: What?! Like when?

Carissa: Like here: 'I just can't think of more to say.' The word articulate should be in here.

Owen: 'I just can't articulate of more to say' That doesn't make any sense.

Carissa: I know, but that's not right. I didn't say that. I used the word articulate, 'cause I use words like articulate and ruminate.

Owen: You didn't say articulate.

Carissa: What? Are you serious right now? 'Cause I totally did.

Owen: No, no, no, no...

Carissa: I hate it when you know I'm right and then you just say 'no, no, no, no.' That stupid, patented Owen 'no, no, no, no.'

Owen: Whatever, It's my blog and I can make you say whatever I want like:

Carissa: I like it when the clouds just brim over the horizon.

Carissa: I didn't say that!

Owen: I know right. It's fictional! I don't even know what kinda clouds you like. Who cares that's drama!

Carissa: What are you doing Owen?

Owen: Oh. Nothing. I was just writing random dialogue while you were day dreaming.

Carissa: Oh.

Owen: Mhm.

Carissa: We should get back to the blog.

Owen: Oh yeah, I totally agree.

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