Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What did you do at work today?

So, here we are... 3 1/2 weeks before Festival of Lights. What did we do in the office today? Or this week?

1. Decorations .... fixing, updating and making sure that all of the decorations for downtown are in working order. Including: Snowflakes, Bows & Sprays, Light Balls. Plus that 38' Tree that goes in Center City Park.

2. Entertainment ....confirming bands, carolers, magicians, etc....still have an opening or two for some strolling you have a talent?

3. Fire...ah yes, roasting marshmallows and hand warming all need fire pits. They need to be safe, secure and do the job they are required to do!!

4. Arts & Crafts -- meeting with Zeke about the First Friday Indie Market, developing a holiday craft for kids to do on the evening of Fesitval of Lights. Oh, yeah...and Peggy went Old School with some scissors and glue and gave Dolley her Santa look!!

Its a good day!

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