Saturday, July 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Part 4 - Street Festival Day

So it's 5pm on Saturday -- the Street Festival Day. We've been out here on the streets since 9am on Friday morning, with about a 5 hour break from 12:30-5:30am this morning. It's been a great couple of days. We have a stellar crew and amazing volunteers. The crafts are good, the entertainment phenomenal, and we've all managed to stuff ourselves with our favorite fair foods (although no one has jumped on that Deep Fried Butter that one of the vendors was selling).

We're happy with the success of the day, but I won't lie to you, we hit the wall at about 3pm and have been trying to get our second wind so we can go take down everything we spent all day yesterday putting up. We'll be finished getting everything off the streets by about 10pm and will be back tomorrow to take everything back to storage and set up for the Fireworks.

Ok -- I'm off to buy a pork chop sandwich and then hit the streets once again. We'll see you at the Fireworks tomorrow. Until then -- hope you had a funnel cake or polish sausage of your own!

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