Monday, April 4, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

It is hard to turn on the news these days without seeing images of tragedy and destruction. From natural disasters to murder and war, it can seem like the world is ending right before our eyes. It is times like this that I feel the need to do. To help others, to enhance my own life by participating in something greater than me.

I have a dear friend who used to say, "Do you ever wonder who messed up?" whenever things were going downhill. That is to say, who is the universe so mad at that we have to live through these terrible things? Now I can't imagine that the universe could actually be that mad at any one person, but it does make you think. How about instead of getting Starbucks this morning, you give those $5 to charity. Or give up Facebook for a week and spend the time you save volunteering. What if everybody did just one thing to help out the world this year? Then maybe the big picture wouldn't be so scary.

Now here is an even better idea. This summer come play with us at the Fun Fourth Festival! We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities from passing out flyers to selling drinks. It is a great chance to have fun and help out the community. Plus, if you're lucky, I might even give you a ride in my golf cart!

Click here to sign up, or call us at 336.274.4595

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