Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Faces of the Fun Fourth Festival

Each year the Fun Fourth Festival is held in downtown Greensboro. This event is produced, planned and organized by Grassroots Productions Limited a non-profit that focuses on community events in Greensboro. Over 1000 volunteers work more than 12,000 each year to make the Festival a success. Volunteers serve on our Advisory Board, help coordinate the entertainment, plan Children's Activities, sell tickets, answer questions, sell coke & water, coordinate the parade and many other jobs.

We thought you might like to meet some of The Faces of the Fun Fourth Festival. We've asked our volunteers to answer some questions and every week we'll feature a different volunteer.

Greensboro -- meet Daintry O'Brien:

Q: How long have you bee a Fun Fourth Volunteer?

DOB: Longer than I haven't

Q: What is your current position with FFF?

DOB: Food Vendor Czar! (Daintry makes sure all of the food vendors are operating within permitted rules -- health, fire and festival guidelines and takes care of any problems or concerns that the vendors may have during the Festival)

Q: What other positions have you filled?

DOB: Festival Director, Stadium Event Coordinator, Red Tape, I'm sure there are others but that's off the top of my head.

Q: Tell us a funny or interesting story of something that happened to you or something you saw at the Fun Fourth Festival.

DOB: Well there was the year the traffic cones for the road races went AWOL. The road crew got the delivery address mixed up. They told us it was delivered to 620 Elm Street. So we started driving down Elm Street Friday night, found over 150 orange traffic cones piled onto the front porch of 620 N. Elm Street!! Or the year the headliner band for the Block Party found the beer supply.....

Q: How did you come to be involved with the Fun Fourth Festival?
DOB: Betty Cone

Q: What is your favorite Fun Fourth food?

DOB: Funnel Cakes or Roasted Corn

Q: What is your favorite Fun Fourth Activity?

DOB: Love the Reenactors!!

Q: What is your favorite piece of patriotic music?

DOB: Stars and Stripes Forever

Q: If you could invite one of our Founding Fathers or Mothers to lunch who would that be and why?

DOB: Dolley Madison

A great big Thank You!!! to Daintry O'Brien for all that she does for the Fun Fourth Festival. When you are at the Festival eating your favorite food raise your funnel cake or roasted corn in a toast to Daintry!!.

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