Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Someone call the doctor! We've got the Fun Fourth Hangover!

The fun fourth. Three words that have been the cause of both joy and pain. This being my second go ‘round at the street festival that brings fun and happiness to all generations I felt that surely I must have a handle on how to make this year as fun and stress free as possible. I was armed with a new intern, Stephanie Gray, a golf cart full of gas and a walkie-talkie at full blast I started the day with hopes high and worries low. Through out the day Stephanie and I encountered some things that we found priceless. We learned a lot on July 3 and here is a small taste of what the fun fourth can teach you. Even if you think you’ve seen it all, as I naively thought, there is still more to see and do than you think. Here is a list of a few of the things that we will surely never forget.

1. Dispatching table clothes is an important job

2. Golf carts ARE as fun as you think…..maybe even funner.

3. The police don’t like people touching their signs

4. Fried Butter?!? Do people have a death wish?

5. The Burlington teen tour band is NOT from Burlington NC. They’re from Canada!

6. Table clothes multiply when you’re not looking

7. The only place where you can receive medical attention faster then the hospital itself is the fun fourth festival. You rock EMS, Police, and Fire bike patrol!

8. Table clothes are officially evil

9. No, I cannot give you a ride in my golf cart

10. The fun fourth hangover is a real medical condition and should be taken seriously.

These ten lessons along with the other events of the festival ensured that Stephanie and I were working hard, having fun, and staying entertained. Looking back on the festival it all seemed to be a blur. However through the aching feet, the sweating body, and the headaches, seeing it all come together was an extremely rewarding experience. The volunteers, staff, and crew deserve to be commended for the work they did. I came to appreciate all the handwork and preparation that went into making the festival a great success.

Maybe next year you will see us cruising around in this!

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