Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hot Hot Holidays!

Every time I explain my job to somebody they respond with, "Oh, I bet that's a lot of fun!" Which is mostly true. I'm like a party planner, but for very, very big parties. From March to July things are never slow and never boring. But, there is that time between when Fun Fourth ends and when we start gearing up for Festival of Lights where things can be a little dull. Until today.

For this year's Festival of Lights, we are spicing things up a bit. Literally. We are turning the festival area south of the train tracks into the "Hot Hot Holidays." There will be grass skirts, pinatas, and parrots. Oh my! It is going to be like a fiesta meets a luau and I cannot wait. I hate cold weather. I hate it so much that I can't even put my feelings aside long enough to appreciate snow. It's wet and freezing and I can't stand it. So by the time Festival of Lights rolls around I am going to be really ready to at least pretend that I'm in a tropical paradise. Enter "Hot Hot Holidays."

Back to why today was not dull. Keeping in mind the theme I just described to you, here is what I did at work today...I know you're jealous, but it's okay, you can come play with all of it and more at Festival of Lights!

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