Thursday, April 19, 2012

National High Five Day

Today is National High Five Day! This, of course, is very near and dear to my heart because I, along with hundreds of others, will be trying to break the world record for the most simultaneous high fives at this year's Fun Fourth Festival!

I wasn't too surprised to find out that there is such a thing as National High Five Day. If you really think about, there are days for everything. I bet just glancing at your desk calendar will reveal a national celebration of just about any topic or event that you could imagine. The thing that really caught me off guard was how much this day has been turned into a celebration of helping others. Just Googling "National High Five Day" will give you a bunch of results of people raising money for cancer research and and giving away scholarships, all in the name of this simple gesture. What a great thing!

Now of course this day is also about high fiving anyone and everyone. Instead of a "good job" or a hug, how about using a high five. And it doesn't just have to be someone you know. Everyone could use a good high five now and then.

So in honor of this day, and the fact that it is not only about slapping palms, but about giving back, give someone a high five who really needs it. Have a friend who's down in the dumps? High five! Know a college student stressing about exams? High five! And if you are really motivated, look into some of the National High Five Day charity projects and give to those in need. A simple high five can go a long way!

And after you have gotten plenty of high five practice doing good deeds, come join us in breaking that world record on July 4th. For more info, visit or our Facebook page

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