Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

I have heard it said many times that the only bad thing about living in a place like California is the lack of seasons. Friends of mine who have relocated to the West Coast always talk about the lack of snow and humidity and of any real change in the weather at all.

What may be surprising to you, is that I have the very same complaint about North Carolina. The way I see it, we have two seasons. Freezing cold winter and burning hot summer. Every now and then we get a week in October that is cool, but sunny. And here and there we have a week in May that is warm, but not too hot or humid. But those are rare. Most of the time the weather goes from dreadful heat to freezing cold and icing, stays cold until June, and then becomes like the surface of the sun again.

Except for this year. This year we barely had a snow. Just a tiny little bit. And now we are having a true Spring. The flowers are having a chance to bloom and be beautiful before they are scorched to death. We can pull out the sandals, but don't have to pack up the long-sleeved shirts just yet. It is a wonderful, splendid thing.

Unfortunately for us, because of our state's lack of any mild seasons, we tend to end up only having events in either the freezing cold or the burning heat. And while I am certain that no amount of Spring-time weather now will make the weather any less hot at the Fun Fourth, we do have a ton of exciting activities at Center City Park throughout the entire month of May. Which, so far, is promising to actually be a Spring month. Yay!

Also, don't forget to join us in kicking off the Spring season at the Greensboro Collegiate Biscuitville Bowl on April 21. It is going to be messy and awesome all at the same time. And, fingers crossed, the weather is going to be beautiful. See you there!

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